Figuring It Out. Maybe.

Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than infinite possibilities. But it’s also terrifying to make decisions that could limit your options down the road. So as I consider how I want to proceed with my post-graduation job search, I’m terrified of limiting myself to certain areas and industries, but I also can’t just magically produce a million resumes and drop them on the desk of every potential employer in the country.


I’ve come up with some parameters for my search that won’t necessarily make me feel like I’m eliminating too many good options, but I am still sort of freaking out about eventually having to choose something. Or, you know, not getting any jobs at all. But we’re going to pretend that won’t happen and that something will work out, ok? Ok.

In terms of industries, I’m considering trying to get into the judicial system, either as a clerk in a law office (preferably a government office, but I’m not going to rule out other options); a caseworker in an immigration office, child services office, etc. (whatever I can secure without a Master’s or targeted degree); or a career planning/job services office (that one’s a little random, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot). I’d like to try and do something that will compel me to use my language skills, and it’d be awesome to be in a place where I can attend language classes for cheap (at a local college, for example).

I’m really scattered when it comes to locations. It’d be so great to be near my family and back in my home state. But it’d also be fun to experience a new city–I love Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago so much, and Madison, Wisconsin, is a close third. I have good friends in all of those cities, and it’d be great to be close to that network of people I’m close with. I also just found out that my best friend will be moving to Portland after she graduates. I’ve never been to Portland, so moving there without even visiting freaks me out, but my friend and I were basically inseparable during high school, so having her nearby after four years apart would be amazing. It’d also be awesome to follow my sister wherever she decides to go to college in the fall of 2015, but she’s also looking all over the country, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to predict her plans in time to secure a job nearby. My sister and I are super close, and it’d be great to keep each other company as we adjust to post-high school and post-college life.

And then there’s the part of me that just wants to pack up and move to Morocco or New Zealand or something and figure it out.

To Whom It May Concern: I have none of the qualifications required for sheep herding. Please hire me anyway. Love, Em.

And then there’s feasibility of working somewhere. The economy and job market here at home are much better than other places in the country (and in Morocco, for that matter…no clue about New Zealand). But there are more immigration jobs in, say, Minneapolis than there are in a little town somewhere. Then there are things like the cost of living, the availability of public transportation, the safety of the city…all of which will have to be weighed against the money I could make at a job.

This is majorly tricky stuff. But as I start my job search, writing down my priorities and needs has at least given me a framework within which to operate. And as much as I hate having too many possibilities and tough decisions like these, it’s nice to know that no matter what I choose, there will be things I love about wherever I end up.

And, of course, that I can always change my mind.

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