Stephanie Du ’21 received a Community Action Grant for the summer of 2020. Read her testimonial below about she made and distributed masks.

Image on Stephanie Du 21' Sitting on stairs

Stephanie Du 21′

My project for the Community Action Grant was to provide the community with resources during the pandemic. This included making masks and a tutoring initiative. I worked with other students with the purpose of reaching more communities in need. The pandemic has led to a shortage in face masks, which are necessarily for decreasing possibility of Covid-19 transmission. Thus, the student group and I made masks for the community around us. Because I lived in a community with a high elderly population, I made a total of 75 masks for a hospice center as well as a senior center. The student mask making group made over 500 masks together for our communities, which is a huge accomplishment. The other masks were donated to hospitals, fire stations, and senior homes.  

homemade masks laying on the table

Examples of some masks made

The pandemic has also led to a stoppage of summer camps and educational opportunities for children. To keep them engaged, a free tutoring initiative was developed by 5C students to provide young students with tutoring or exciting learning opportunities. I designed lesson plans for easy, at home science experiments to engage the children. The goal was to create a fun, educational opportunity for those who want it.  

Image of Du sewing some masks

Making of the masks

Overall this was a great opportunity to use resources from Scripps College to help the communities around me. This grant has helped so many people and I really appreciated all Laspa has done with the Scripps community.