Sabrina Lieu ’22 received a We Act Grant for the summer of 2021. Read her testimonial below about their experience organizing First Aid and CPR/AED classes for the Pomona community.

Sabrina Lieu ’22

I believe that everyone, regardless of their background and identity, deserves the right to be healthy, safe, and free. When I was a sophomore at Scripps, I finally figured out that the lifelong work that I wanted to pursue lay in public healthI just didn’t know what it looked like. This summer, as a rising senior, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore different aspects within public health and begin working towards my vision of the world, thanks to funding from the We Act Grant. More specifically, my project was focused on hosting First Aid and CPR/AED classes for folks within the Pomona community, as I wanted to be able to equip community members with basic medical skills that they may utilize to serve themselves and their community. It is and was by no means a substitute for medical attention; rather, the certification allows community members to make the best decision for themselves given the barriers to care that they might face, their situation, and their newfound health knowledge.

Along with Park Tree Community Health Center (PCHC) and Day One Pomona, we were able to host two First Aid and CPR/AED workshops and certify about 20 people. Our workshops took place on two different Saturdays in the warmth of midAugust at Washington Park Community Center; with funds from Laspa and DO Pomona, we offered bagels for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and each participant received a First Aid kit at the end of their training. All in all, folks were wellfed and wellinformed.

I am so grateful to both the Director of Health Education at PCHC Alicia Sandoval and the team at Day One (the entire team!, but special shoutout to Freddy, Claudia, and Marcos) for their continual guidance and material/emotional support through the entirety of the project. I have learned so much from my mentors and the experience itselfit’s been transformative in shaping and carving my values and beliefs about our universal health, and the ways that I hope to contribute to the world of public health.