Olive Harvest

The 2013 Olive Oil Harvest has passed. Please check back in September 2014 if you are interested in participating in the next harvest.


  1. What should I wear for the harvest? Wear something you could get dirty in (jeans/t-shirt OR shorts/t-shirt) and comfortable shoes. You may get a bit wet as we work through olives so bring some extra clothing.

  2. Who can attend the harvest? This event is open to all members of the Claremont Colleges and the larger Claremont Community, as well as any guests.
  3. What exactly are we going to be doing? People can participate by threading through the branches for olives. These will be placed in containers provided by the Grounds Department.
  4. I’m associated with the Institute of Domestic Technology, where I can find more information about the Olive Crafting workshop? Click here! All members associated with the Institute of Domestic Technology have been invited to take part in the harvest, regardless of whether or not they attend the workshop.
  5. I’m a student from the Claremont Colleges looking to help with the event set up, who do I contact? Click here to leave your contact details and state your availability. We need volunteers at the check-in booth, the photo booth, the sales booth and at the lunch entry. All students volunteers will receive a staff t-shirt free of charge!