International Critics Review Pianist Hao Huang

Musical high point of ‘Leipzig’ Fair Program… very multifaceted program… DEMONSTRATED HIS SENSITIVITY AND TECHNICAL MASTERY… Powerful playing (and) individual use of rubato… triggered bravos at the end.” – WER IM LEIPZIG

“AN ENORMOUS, EVEN ARTISTIC FINGER AGILITY (in) the Liszt Mazeppa, well suited to the artistic nature of the pianist… interpretation of Debussy’s L’Isle Joyeuse had individuality as well as technical clarity… Rhapsody in Blue (was) very precise rhythmically and in a blazing tempo… wild virtuosity.” – LEIPZIGER TAGESBLATT

“Pianistic and stylistic versatility…BOUNDLESS VIRTUOSO THUNDER AND DEMONSTRATION OF TECHNICAL CONTROL… absolutely convincing… shaping of Beethoven’s Op. 109 (and) Chopin’s G minor Ballade… enthusiastic applause.” – LEIPZIGER VOLKSZEITUNG

“A very powerful command of the keys… the Liszt Mazeppa was protean and packed with energy, truly dramatic… the Beethoven Op. 109 (in) its directness was a fascinating pleasure… COMMUNICATED IN A UNIQUE MANNER FIRE AND JOY OF PLAYING.” – MAGDEBURG VOLKSSTIMME

“Played with extraordinary technical effect…thundering fortes… the most tender pianos… burst the bounds of conventional interpretation… episodic, improvisatory nature created impact… late Mozart Adagio (was) played with A TRUE INTERPRETIVE PASSION, loaded with weighty feeling… (in) Gershwin, THE WORK AND PERFORMANCE WERE ONE.” – OSTSEEZEITUNG

“IMPRESSIVE TECHNICAL SKILL AND ORIGINALITY… Guernica by Bernstein (was) a fresco abounding in conglomerations of vividly colored sounds… extremely authentic rendition of Gershwin.” – ROMANIA LIBERA

“Demonstrated his abilities in the Beethoven (Concerto Nr. 4) in appropriate style and technique… a poetic… fragmentary discourse… THE PIANIST… COMPARES WITH THE GREATEST.” – GEORGE ENESCU FESTIVAL AGENDA (Romania)

“An ease and harmony of execution… giving not only the impression but the conviction that he LIVES THE MOMENT OF A PIECE WITH ALL HIS BEING…. A VIRTUOSO WITH A GRAND TECHNIQUE and a clear sound which is electric and very powerful, by the clarity of the notes. He can not only play loudly with a titanic sound but also define the most delicate nuance… playing which surprised and enchanted the public.” – LE SOIR D’ALGERIE

“MASTERLY INTERPRETATIONS… a veritable virtuoso… played magnificently with an epic tone, a volcanic style… with a talent and genius that is rare… a manner ‘Cyclopéene’, penetrating and which transported us to the sovereign banks of Art.” – EL MOUDJAHID (Algeria)

“Thrilling… brilliant musical evening… Chopin was a scintillating success… strongly acclaimed by the audience… help(ed) us interact with cultures other than our own in order to discover possible common denominators…. THE MESSAGE AND FUNCTION OF ART AND GENIUS.” – AL RA’Y (Jordan)

“THE MOST ASTOUNDING TECHNIQUE AND INTERPRETIVE QUALITIES I HAVE EVER HEARD… poignantly lyrical… broodingly dramatic… bravura and sophistication… an incredible evening.” – PALM BEACH POST

“DISTINGUISHED MUSICIANSHIP AND ARTISTRY… brilliant technique, and above all, a perfect understanding of what the composer intends to say in each piece.” – TAIWAN UNITED DAILY NEWS