Student Research

  • Elliptic Curve Encryption and Factorization, by Keith Richey, (Pomona) 2000.
  • Error-Correcting Codes and Artificial Intellegence Applications, by Leah Barnes, (Pomona) 2000.
  • Generalized Continued Fractions, by Jeff Gernes, (Pomona) 2001.
  • An Investigation of Elliptic Curves and L-functions, by Anne Short, (HMC) 2002.
  • p-adic Dynamics and Formal Groups (The quest for unity), by Cam McLeman, (HMC) 2002.
  • Associated Primes of Powers of Monomial Ideals, by Jennifer von Reis*, 2003.
  • Integral Transform Computations of Igusa Local Zeta Functions, Annalee Wiswell Gomm**, 2005.
  • Galois Theory: A Study of Cyclotomic Field Extensions, Lisa Lambeth, 2005.
  • The Eisenstein Series and an Introduction to Modular Forms, Rebecca Menke, 2006.
  • When Is a Prime Not a Prime? (Prime decomposition over quadratic and bi-quadratic number rings), Priya Prasad, 2006.
  • Sophie Germain: mathématicienne extraordinaire†, Aleksandra Stein, 2006.
  • Fractals: Dimension, Generation, and Iterated Function Systems, Amanda Painter, 2007.
  • Classes and Genera of Integral Binary Quadratic Forms, Kat Shultis, 2007.
  • Falling Costs of Offshoring and Wages, Rebecca Sheng, 2008.
  • Elliptic Curves and the Birch Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture (The million-dollar donut), Sarah Iker, 2009.
  • Pappas’ Hexagon Theorem‡, Katie Ford, 2010.
  • Abelian Galois Groups and Complex Multiplication, Charlotte Lee, 2010.
  • Stripping it Down: Investigation of Symmetry and Wallpaper Groups, Kelsey Roberts, 2010.
  • Constructing Phylogenetic Trees using Maximum Likelihood, Anna Cho, 2012.
  • Generalized Sat0-Tate Conjecture: Distribution of Curves over Finite Fields, Amanda Clemm, 2012.
  • Newton Polygons, Julia Ogburn, 2013.
  • Mordell’s Theorem and Ranks of Elliptic Curves, Tracy Layden, 2013.
  • There and Back Again: Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and L-Functions, Allison Arnold-Roksandich, (HMC) 2014.
  • Galois Representations Attached to Elliptic Curves: A “Dearest Dream of Youth,” Jacob Morris-Knowler, (Pomona) 2014.
  • A Cryptographic Attack: Finding the Discrete Algorithm on Elliptic Curves of Trace One, Tatiana Bradley, 2015. (I was second reader, but I’m going to count this one, anyway.)
  • Graphical Applications of Complex and Quaternionic Fractional Linear Transformations, Indra (Lizzie) Kumar, 2016.
  • Counting Trees: Cayley’s Theorem and Kirchhoff’s Theorem, Explained, Lauren Stanislaw, 2018.
  • Interpolating the Riemann Zeta Function in the p-adics, Becca Mamlet, 2022.
  • Cryptography and Digital Signatures, Maya Nichols, 2022.

*Fullbright Scholar! Congrats, Jenny!
**Honorable Mention: Alice Shafer Prize.
†dual with French Studies
‡dual with Classics

Chris was the Director of the Claremont Colleges Mathematics REU Site in 2009, 2010, and 2011..

Chris was the Director of the Fletcher Jones Summer Math Fellowship program in 2012.