Fall 2020

Data Science 1 Introduction to Python and Data Analysis.
Math 32 Multivariable and Vector Calculus (Calculus III).

Spring 2021

Math 102 Differential Equations and Modeling. MW 12:45-2:00.
Math 135 Complex Analysis. MW 2:30-3:45

Spring 2021

Tuesday 2:30-3:30, Thursday 10-11, Friday 11-12.

You can also make and appointment or just drop by.

Great Ideas in Modern Mathematics (Scripps)
Precalculus (Michigan, Scripps)
Calculus I, II (Pretty much everywhere)
Multivariable Calculus (Swarthmore, Pomona, Scripps)
Linear Algebra (Michigan, Swarthmore, Scripps)
Discrete Math (Swarthmore)
(Ordinary) Differential Equations (Swarthmore, Scripps)
Advanced Linear Algebra (Pomona)
Number Theory and Cryptography (Scripps)
Classical and Modern Geometries (Scripps)
Mathematical Analysis I (Scripps)
Abstract Algebra I (Scripps)
Complex Analysis (Scripps)
Topics in Algebra: Elliptic Curves (Swarthmore)
Advanced Topics in Geometry: Algebraic Geometry (Swarthmore)
Abstract Algebra II: Galois Theory (Swarthmore, Scripps)
Graduate Algebraic Geometry (Michigan)
Mathematics in Our Culture (Core III) (Scripps)