Welcome to the Neuropsychology of Decision-Making Lab
 The broad goal of the neuropsychology of decision making laboratory, led by Dr. Stacey Wood, is to examine decision making from a lifespan perspective. We know the brain changes as people age, but so do their experiences and motivations. The lab has been involved in projects that examine basic changes in decision-making as individuals age in the areas of risk and choice. We have also completed a number of applied projects including examining insurance purchases by older adults (Medicare),  financial capacity, and risk for financial exploitation. Our lab is located in Steele Hall on Scripps College’s campus.

Interested in participating?
Our studies depend on the participation of adults ages 60 years old or older who live in the Los Angeles/Inland Empire area. Click here for more information on becoming a participant.
Interested in volunteering?
We welcome the help of undergraduate students. Please click here for more information or email [email protected].