Stacey Wood

Professor of Psychology at Scripps College

My scholarly interests are in the areas of neuropsychology and decision-making from a lifespan development perspective. I am interested in how changes in the brain, emotion, and motivation interact across the lifespan to influence how we make decisions. I am especially interested in taking theoretical work and applying it to everyday types of decisions. One such application is in the area of assessing decision-making capacity for the courts. An understanding of cognitive mechanisms that may underlie specific types of legal decisions (i.e. testamentary, financial) can help us to design better tools and be more effective as witnesses.

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Contact Information:
Office Location: Steele 108
Office Hours: T 10-11am, Th 4-5pm
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (909) 607-9505 (x7-9505 on campus)