WordReference: A useful online dictionary tool for many languages! WordReference gives a number of possible translations so you can choose the best one. The Arabic-English function doesn’t always find a translation, but it’s still very helpful for English-Arabic word lookup.

Aratools: Another great online dictionary tool. This one has a great function for looking up English translations of Arabic words — you can type in all the short vowels too in order to find the correct word, and it will give you the root of words as well. The English-Arabic function can be tricky, so WordReference may suit better for that.

Cooljugator: With conjugations for over 6000 verbs, Cooljugator can be a helpful tool to check Arabic verb conjugations.

Quizlet: Create your own sets of online flashcards or use sets by other students. Over the years, students have created flashcard sets for many of the chapters from the Arabic for Life textbook.

Yamli Arabic Keyboard: This website allows you to type in Latin characters and converts them to Arabic. Very useful if you need to type in Arabic but don’t have an Arabic keyboard!

Arabic learning resources: This website has useful vocabulary lists for Modern Standard Arabic and dialects, as well as grammar guides and links to more resources. Vocabulary lists come with transliterations, and the grammar guides give clear explanations with examples on a variety of subjects.

LearnArabicOnline: This website has a comprehensive guide to Arabic verbs and grammar, with verb conjugation tables and information on irregular forms.