WordReference: A great online dictionary for many languages! Be sure to scroll down when you search in order to find the best definition for the word or phrase you’re looking for–there are often many examples. WordReference also has a verb conjugator.

Looking for some examples of HOW to use all these words you’re learning? Check out Linguee! Search for a word or phrase or even a full SENTENCE and it will give you examples of how it is used on French websites. Just make sure it’s in the same context as you want to use the word/phrase/sentence, and know that not all websites will necessarily give you the 100% grammatically correct context.

Online Resources for Grammar:
For beginning and intermediate level grammar practice, check out Colby Collegee’s online interactive grammar exercises.

For more advanced students, you can find grammar lessons and practice exercises in Bowdoin College’s Online Advanced Spanish Book.

Conjuguemos: Practice conjugating verbs in all different tenses. The BEST for improving verb conjugating. Conjuguemos now also has grammar, vocab, and listening exercises.

Pronunciation Practice:
You can practice your pronunciation using speech recognition technology with Instant Immersion Deluxe, a software program installed on the PC computers in the MLRC.

Online Television Programs:
Television programs from Radio y Televisión Nacional de España: RTVE ala carta

Spanish @

This website is awesome for anything you need that’s Spanish related! Confused about how to conjugate the subjuntivo? Want to perfect your Spanish at a language school abroad this summer? Want to learn cool Spanish slang like guay? Spanish at will give you all this and more! Check it out:

Audio Program for Fuentes-Activities Manual:
The audio tracks are available for downloading on the MAC computers in the Language Resource Center.