Online Resources:

WordReference: The best online dictionary for French! Be sure to scroll down when you search in order to find the best definition for the word or phrase you’re looking for–there are often many examples. WordReference also has a verb conjugator.

Looking for some examples of HOW to use all these words you’re learning? Check out Linguee! Search for a word or phrase or even a full SENTENCE and it will give you examples of how it is used on websites in Spanish. Just make sure it’s in the same context as you want to use the word/phrase/sentence, and know that not all websites will necessarily give you the 100% grammatically correct context.

Tex’s French Grammar: Grammar explanations, examples, and practice exercises, as well as verb conjugation. You can search in the upper right-hand corner of the page if you’re looking for a specific grammar topic.

French at Grammar explanations, examples, practice tests, as well as cultural insights.

Need to practice listening comprehension? Check out these listening comprehension exercises at!

Listen to some French podcasts to practice listening comprehension skills–even just five minutes a day can make a big difference! Don’t worry about understanding everything–just listen!

Conjuguemos: Practice conjugating verbs in all different tenses. The BEST for improving verb conjugating.

Tennessee Bob’s Famous French Links: a site full of other sites…all in French!

Stanford French and Italian Studies: a huge compilation of online resources, information, archives, and research sources of all kind!

Need pronunciation help? The Larousse online dictionary has audio for each of the words and phrases they give you! Just click on the speaker icon next to the word or phrase you’d like to hear.

The Deux Mondes textbook has audio exercises on their website! They have general audio activities, listening comprehension, and audio for the vocabulary.