The Modern Language Resource Center

The Modern Language Resource Center (MLRC), formerly known as the Scripps Language Lab, is a space for language students and faculty to study, practice conversation, review language skills, and use all the Center has to offer. Student can drop in for tutoring with the MRLC Language Consultants, watch a film from the Center’s film library, or just use the space for quiet study.

Students not enrolled in a language course are welcome to use the resources of the MLRC for independent study and cultural enrichment. While the center is designed primarily for individual student use, instructors and conversation group leaders may reserve the space as well.

Location: Scripps Humanities Building, Room 122

View our hours to see when we’re open this semester. And remember to check out the various language resources for students and faculty that the Center has compiled for language study!

Computer Programs and Software:
The center is equipped with 7 computers, 6 PCs and 1 Mac with large screen monitors. We have software for language practice (including speech-recognition technology) for French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Arabic. Audacity is installed for making voice recordings for speaking assignments and practice.

Viewing DVDs and Videos from Film Library:
In addition to the computers and standard DVD players, there are 2 stations equipped  for viewing PAL, Region 2, DVDs from Europe.

Smart TV
The MLRC is now equipped with a 50″ flatscreen smart TV with access to Netflix. The TV is also connected to a Mac computer Power Point presentations, YouTube videos, or other programs and websites.

Contact Info:
Resource Center Consultants: x79802
email: [email protected]

Director: Asst. Prof. Marino Forlino: x3077
[email protected]

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